Exclusive MotorWorks, Inc. [EMI] is the Western States Distributor for Onroak Automotive.

The Ligier JS P3 is equipped with a 420 hp Nissan VK50 V8 engine, and a 6-speed sequential X-Trac gear box with a semi-automatic steering wheel paddle system. Thanks to the controlled cost and the ease of operation and driving, the Ligier JS P3 makes high level sport-prototype competition accessible for gentlemen drivers and young drivers. It’s eligible in several series all around the world.

To reinforce the endurance pyramid put in place by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest since 1999, the Club launched a new sports prototype category in 2015 to help teams and drivers access endurance racing – the LM P3 category.

The philosophy behind this car is to reduce budgetary, technical, driver and running costs constraints to the minimum. The sales price of a complete new car has been capped at 206 000 euros (tax not included).

The LM P3 is a closed car and the ACO has selected five constructors to make the chassis and bodywork (Ginetta, Ligier, Adess, Dome and Riley) and a single power train consisting of a normally aspirated 420 bhp V8 Nissan engine coupled to an X-Trac gearbox.


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